Liz grew up on the waters surrounding Orient. The youngest of 4 kids, she learned early that boats were her key to freedom. Liz started sailing at the Orient Yacht Club when she was 8.

She turned her love for sailing into a career when she became a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain in 2014. From working on charter vessels in the Virgin Islands and Hawaii, to sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, she’s found a home at sea.

In 2018 she took a leap in purchasing her own boat. Liz has learned secrets from working all over the world, and applied best practices to ensure your day on the water is unmatched! With hundreds of happy sails under her belt as captain/owner, she continues to innovate, never settling for “good enough.” 


Natalie grew up as a summer kid in East Marion. She learned to sail at the Orient Yacht Club and became the Jr. Sailing Director in 2018. She joins us this summer while she’s a full-time student at the University of Vermont studying public communications. 

We’re so lucky to have her bubbly personality onboard! 


Bridget was born and raised in Orient. She and Captain Liz have been best friends since childhood, even sharing their first jobs together at a local farm stand and then ice cream parlor. The two gained respect for the bay as they learned to sail together, and enjoyed childhood freedom on the water. 

Bridget now works on Layla when she’s not looking after her adorable three kiddos or doing her day job at Plum Island. 



Layla is a Fastnet 45, built to the highest standards for ocean cruising at the respected Dutch yard of Adolf LeComte. These yachts were designed by Bill Luders (here on Long Island), who created a powerful, sea-kindly vessel with beautiful classic lines. Layla is hull #189 out of the LeComte yard, but one of only nineteen Fastnet 45s ever made! She’s a classic head turner in any harbor.

Relax in the cushioned open cockpit while our crew serves you and your guests. This area is meant for lounging, with some shade available under the bimini, (not rigged in photos). Layla’s flush deck provides ample space to lounge on deck.